Bright Memory: Infinite Looks Slick In New Screenshots

The shooter is looking pretty good.

bright memory infinite

There were a lot of games shown off in the first Xbox Series Showcase, one of which was Bright Memory: Infinite. The game has something of a strange history, being made originally as Bright Memory: Episode 1 and reportedly by just one person. It’s a first person shooter and slasher and one that looks pretty slick in some new screens.

On the official Twitter for the studio now working on the game, FYQD, we get a host of four new screenshots. As you can see below, the game has a pretty slick, sci-fi feel to it. The guns looks sharp, and there’s a rather unfortunate fellow that is getting chopped up by one of the game’s sword weapons.

Bright Memory: Infinite will release in 2021 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and PC. The original game, now simply titled Bright Memory, is available on PC and will launch November 10th for Xbox Series X/S. PC owners of that game will get Infinite for free. It has not been clarified if that same thing applies for those who purchase it on Series X/S.

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