Borderlands 3 – Scaled Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite Event Coming January 16th

Solo players can reap the rewards of this scaled down version of the raid.

Borderlands 3 - Amara (2)

As part of a major patch containing Mayhem 4 and other quality of life features, Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 also received its first “raid”. Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite featured a new Invincible boss and allowed four Vault Hunters to take it on. For those looking to run it solo, the scaled down version offered some hope.

After an initial delay, Gearbox has recently confirmed that the scaled down version of the raid will be available on January 16th. It will be available until January 30th and offers the same rewards as the regular version so farm those top-tier Legendary Shields in that duration. Once the event ends, Takedown at Maliwan Blacksite will return to its original difficulty.

Those uninterested in the event but wanting to get back into the looter shooter can check out Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. As the first paid DLC, it offers a brand new area, new Legendary weapons, new cosmetics, new enemies and tough new bosses to fight. All that and lots of Handsome Jack. What’s not to like?

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