Avowed Features Two-Handed Combat System and Various Classes, Currently in Pre-Alpha – Report


While Obsidian Entertainment announced The Outer Worlds 2 at E3 2021, the absence of Avowed was definitely felt. It would later state that it was looking forward to showcasing the project soon. Either way, it’s making great progress as per a new report by Jez Corden of Windows Central. Speaking to sources familiar with internal plans, the title is in pre-production and approaching an alpha state (which means it’s currently in pre-alpha).

Set in the world of Pillars of Eternity, it takes place from a first-person perspective and seems to be running on an enhanced version of The Outer Worlds’ engine. Corden was told that it features different classes with varying playstyles and utilizes a two-handed system for combat like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. This means you can wield a sword in one hand and use magic in the other, utilize two-handed spells as a caster, bows or dual-wield daggers as a rogue.

One interesting bit is how different classes affect the attacks that players will use. You may rely on shield bashing, kicks and other physical attacks as a warrior while binding different spells and attacks to certain buttons as a caster. It also seems that there will be destructibility in the environments – using a fire spell, for instance, causes it spread throughout a room and burning any blocked entry points. Furthermore, players will have the ability to swim.

Familiar spells like Fireball and Jolting Touch along with status effects like Fetid Caress also carrying over from Pillars of Eternity. Weapons can be enhanced, resulting in items like frozen arrows and enchanted swords, and it also seems that ranged weapons akin to muskets could appear. As such, one can expect enemies like the Xaurips to appear along with wyverns and drakes.

Corden also noted that the visuals are far more colorful than those seen in Skyrim and Oblivion. “Luminescent cave mushrooms, verdant forests awash with gigantic flora, and hulking sunlit temples complete with skeleton-infested depths and tombs are plentiful. It came as a bit of a surprise given the game’s original trailer, which seemed like it was trying to strike a much darker tone, save for the neon spell effects.” Though the pre-alpha version didn’t have lighting and textures implemented, the final product’s art is expected to “elevate what we saw in The Outer Worlds, though, with a brighter, more lively color palette, although it could end up looking a bit darker akin to the debut trailer.”

Whether Avowed will be fully open world like The Elder Scrolls or rely on a hub world like The Outer Worlds remains to be seen, though Corden is leaning towards the latter (which would fit with Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s statement on “distinct differences” between it and Bethesda’s series). He also believes there’s a good chance it will be playable by E3 2022, if not make an appearance at The Game Awards this December even if it’s too early for the same. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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