Bleeding Edge Review – Exchanging Weak Punches

Bleeding Edge is a unique 4v4 competitive experience that shows a little flash in its third-person approach, but doesn’t deliver much of a punch in combat or enough variation in its match types and maps. Developer Ninja Theory draws clear…

Wasteland 3 Delayed To August 28

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QuakeCon 2020 Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Bethesda and id Software feel a gathering is “the last thing any of us should be doing right now.” QuakeCon 2020 is the latest in a line of popular gaming events that’s been cancelled due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Bethesda

Minecraft Dungeons Now Releasing on May 26th

Mojang’s action RPG spin-off will miss its April release window after all. Wasteland 3 isn’t the only title that’s faced a delay. Mojang has announced that Minecraft Dungeons, its isometric dungeon crawling spin-off, has been delayed